Our Editor

All about The Write Age - A Blog Site for seniors written by seniors


David is our editor and responsible for turning our ideas into blog text.

After a busy management career in the IT industry, which involved hated formalities such as wearing business suits, and the much over-rated glamour of business travel, he cannot now believe his luck in being able to start ticking all those postponed items off his bucket list.

This blogsite was on David's bucket list. He was the driving force in getting it off the ground. He also buried the myth that pensioners don't understand the web by actually writing all the code that powers this site.

About Us

Welcome to The Write Age. Our blog site represents the views of a few friends who are all in their seventies. Not surprisingly, the site presents a world view that the average senior might just empathise with.

Our main mission to highlight, and maybe even challenge, what have become established norms. One of the advantages of having been around for a while is that you have a world view considerably enhanced by experience. So often you've simply seen or heard it all before.

We are not professional writers, we are not making money by doing this, and neither do we want to. We are not representing anyone's opinion but our own. We do this because we like doing it.

We are not in the business of capturing and selling reader details, and we have nothing to sell you. All we wish to do is share any accumulated wisdom we may have. All in all, this makes us pretty unique in the winner takes all world of the Internet.

Having said all that, the site is run along professional and ethical lines. No fake news is permitted. We try very hard to ensure that any kind of lie or exaggeration is avoided. There is already too much of that out there online.

We do express opinions in our blogs - if you don't agree, contact us and share your own opinion. Strictly with your permission, we would like to publish any comments you might have. We reserve the right not to publish any comments that may cause offence or break the law in any way.

Finally, all images used are either our own or from a commercial photo site, and should not be re-used without permission. All text, unless specifically attributed to someone else, is our own. You are free to re-use it, but only if it's origin is clearly indicated.