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Welcome to The Write Age, the blog site for seniors written by seniors.

The Write Age - Blogs for seniors written by seniors

I have two aims for our site. Firstly, I wish to present a world view as observed by myself and a few friends all aged (well!) over 70. Secondly, I'd like it to be the 'no frills airline' of blog sites.

The site is plain and simple. It does not attempt to sell anything. It does not collect data on you. None of us are involved in, or part of, any pressure group. We just like talking about stuff, and we hope you enjoy reading the blogs that result.

The blogs are not necessarily either earth shattering, nor do they indulge in massive detail. They are just things that interest us and may also be of interest to other seniors. Blogging about them may just provoke some discussion of the points aired amongst the over 70 age group.

You can find out a little more about the site and its committment to web privacy by clicking on Privacy

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